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About Us

*Check out our Columbia office HERE*

Coastal Focus is a full service marketing research firm located in Charleston, South Carolina.  


Managing partners Judy and Frank DuBose have over 30 years experience in the market research field. Judy DuBose is the only marketing professional in South Carolina to achieve Professional Research Certification status from the Market Research Association.

Our employees are trained and certified in recruiting and interviewing methods. Along with many services that we provide, Coastal Focus specializes in medical and legal research projects.

Coastal Focus has hosted a regional conference for QRCA, the national moderators association.

Coastal Focus is a member of many accredited market research associations including:

Insights Association

American Marketing Association

Qualitative Research Consultants Association

American Association of Public Opinion Research

American Society of Trial Consultants

**You can find us listed in Market Research Bluebook DirectoryAmerican Marketing Association, Quirks, and GreenBook Directory

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