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Coastal Focus LLC & Midlands Market Research

Welcome to Coastal Focus, a full service market research facility located just minutes from historic Charleston, South Carolina. Our facility is the only research company in the city that offers one way mirrors for live observation. This will allow you to not only get a view of the entire room, but also capture the interactions of participants during a session. We have worked with a variety of companies in legal, food, retail, and telecommunications industries just to name a few. As always if you have questions about our firm or facility please feel free to contact managing partners Judy or Frank DuBose. 

At Coastal Focus we strive to become a company that is 100% inclusive from client dealings to participant selection and among our own workplace.  When we come together as one, we are also able to maximize the potential of our world through research. Ensuring inclusion is at the forefront of our business will also enable us to deliver exceptional results to our clients.


ZIP CODES we cover include:

29426, 29429, 29401, 29403, 29407, 29409, 29412, 29414, 29424, 29439, 29449, 29451, 29455, 29458, 29464, 29466, 29418, 29423, 29404, 29405, 29406, 29470, 29482, 29487, 29431, 29434, 29436, 29445, 29450, 29453, 29461, 29468, 29469, 29479, 29483, 29492, 29410, 29486, 29471, 29477, 29437, 29485, 29484, 29448, 29447

In addition, we also offer nationwide recruiting and project management services!

We offer the same professional service and another outstanding facility in Columbia, South Carolina.  Check out it out HEREEnjoy your visit and we look forward to serving your needs.

We now offer closed-circuit video & live video streaming for in-person and online research!

Our Servuces
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